Super slow after new kit


New Member
Oct 27, 2016
So long story short bike got stolen but I got my racing carb and 36 tooth sprocket back. My old bike was super fast about 40mph ran perfect. Got a new kit about 2 weeks ago and just seems super slow I had the stock carb on until float got stuck and I just threw on the racing carb (no difference in performance) It sounds like it bouncing off a rev limiter a not a super high rpm. I read somewhere on here someone said to strip the wires and connect them directly which I did. No difference... The last thing I can think of is the baffle but can that really make that big of a difference in rpm and speed where on my old bike had no baffle (decent amount of steel wool in the exhaust) ID cruise at about 35 where now maybe 25 if that. Note both same gear ratio still using the 36 tooth sprocket. Looked into the jug and could barley see the bottom of the piston don't know if that's normal. Any ideas would be appreciated.