Summertime over heating blues fix

Denis Zen

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Mar 30, 2021
Riding up highway 101 at sunset
I live in an area that is often hotter than blue blazes and my motor tends to heat up faster on HOT summer days and this got the wheels in my head turning as to ways to get more air flow over my motor. I cut some thin sheet metal up and made some diverters to maximize the air flow to and around my motor. The first one mounts under the bottom of the top bar and uses the surplus gas tank mounting bolts to conect it to the bike. Its narrower than the tank and is not even visible when looking down whilst sitting on the bike. It rides flush to the top bar but as it starts to come over the cylinder head it curves down slightly to push the air down over the motor and the second one uses the front motor mount bolts to attatch to the bike and acts like a bib to scoop the air and drive it up under the cylinder. Between the two they keep my motor noticably cooler giving me more ride time between cool down rest stops.

I will include pics when I have perfected them. Just thought I'd share this since summer is quickly approaching...

Ride on right on! Be safe fam! Dennis.