Suggestions on mounting a bt 80


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Jan 31, 2020
Greetings every one ,

simply put my question is ...are there mounts for the bt 80 engine ( electric start engine)for a OCC stingray?
i have bought some mounts and here is what i have found :
cnc mount from amazon- holes to mount the engine are too close together on the mount
Barrys mount from ebay ( the one where you drill 2 holes in your frame and bolt the mount to the frame)- the poles are too close together for the bt 80 to mount .

I messaged jim over at pedal chopper and his response was that none of his mounts would work.

so in short i finally joined this community to ask...are there any mounts for a bt 80 on a occ stingray?

i have seen a few images from years ago where the bt 80 is mounted on a stingray, but i cant tell how the engine was mounted.