Sturmey Archer SX-RB3


Jul 31, 2009
United States
I just picked up a 3-speed Schwinn OCC Sting Ray and would like to add a disc brake to the left (opposite the chain cog).

Since the factory 3-speed OCC choppers use rim brakes, there are no brake parts on the hub itself. Amazingly, this hub is designed for a BAND brake! While I'm sure band brakes are acceptable on pedal power when used in conjunction with a front brake, it just won't do for a motorized bike that will hopefully be capable of 35 - 40 mph.

The hub has a male threaded journal to hold the braking surface (which looks like a centrifugal clutch drum) to it. The journal measures 1.375" (35mm?) diameter with very fine thread which I assume would be clockwise.

I can't find the band brake components anywhere. Even the factory parts diagram doesn't show part numbers. I was hoping to use the drum as a starting point to mount a brake rotor.

Does anyone know of an existing threaded part that could be used to mount a disc brake rotor to the hub?
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