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    Was at the grocery store a few hours ago & saw the first MB I've seen being used on the street. Pulling over...asked how he liked it & how I was building one myself. Said he loved his MB & couldn't imagine not having one. Told me I needed to get mine built & hit the road.

    Anyway...this guy (about my same size) was using a rack mounted 4 stroke engine on a Huffy single speed which looked like it had been put together from several engines. Instead of a chain drive around the axle...he had his drive sprocket open to the world running a huge all terrain go-kart tire driving the rear tire as a friction drive. Being able to pace him for a few moments...he was heading down the street about 20 MPH! Never seen anything like it...but am so happy I'm not going to be the only one around here tooling around town on mine.

    As soon as I get my banana seat/sissy bar/ape hangers...will be able to complete mine.

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