Stopped by a cop in dallas.


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Aug 24, 2008
My bike finally works so the thrill to ride still lingers. About an hour ago I decided to go for a night ride. It was 3 in the morning and I was cruising in the city streets. I pulled up to this warehouse parking lot that had lots of space in it so it was perfect for riding. I was having so much fun doing sharp turns at high speeds. I noticed a car coming on the street going my way which turned out to be a cop. I made direct eye contact as he passed by but I didn't know if he looked at me. I was hoping he would stop me so I could get to ask if my bike was street legal. Suddenly, he then pulled into the parking lot I was riding in and immediately I knew I had become his prey. He flipped his lights which made my heart drop, i dunno why lol, it just did. I turnd my engine off and he came out and asked me what I was doing. I replied "just riding (hehe)". He said there had been reports of spraycan graffitii around the area and asked if I had to do anything with it. Of course not. He glanced at my gloves then looked me in the eyes and asked if I was a painter.... I guess he was suspicious that it was me who was spraypainting graffiti and slowly he reached his hand and patted my jacket where my cellphone was. I lifted my hand to resist but I did it with little force cause I know I have my rights. I guess he did it cause his reason of search was the black grease marks on my gloves... Finally I got to the question and asked him if my bike was street legal but he said no they are not. He said he wouldn't give me a ticket and advised to put a light on and ride just be careful when I ride.

So I guess according to the cops in my city, technically my bike is illegal. I could tell he wasn't really concerned about the bike but I think it was possible for me to get a ticket. I'm gonna find out more about these laws on our bikes so we have something concrete to show the law. The end.
May 10, 2008
Nappanee, IN
as a person who by his own foolishness has suffered many unneccesary things at the hands of LEO's let me in the friendlliest terms i can give you alittle advise.

1) does your local laws require pedal bikes to have a visible light from dark to dawn ? why didn't you before you went out ?

2) was the lot you were in actually a public thourofare or the parking lot of a piece of private property ? does riding around in the warehouse district at 3am strike you as slightly suspecious ?

3)experience has shown that purposefully making eye contact with a passing LEO is taken as a confrontational action and a brazen dare. they won't let it pass.

4) as someone who caught a night in jail for body slamming a LEO in my livingroom and getting off a disorderly conduct charge without probation or even having to appear for a $900. lawyer fee, i can tell you, you DON"T want to EVER give a LEO any reason to call RESISTANCE. you WILL get a trip to the hospital if not the morgue.

live smart, it takes lots less effort.



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Nov 26, 2009
Rockwall TX
Never ask a beat cop anything about whether something is legal. If they don't know, they will assume its not, naturally, and try to bluff you on it.

If you want to know anything, look it up yourself or ask a lawyer. Just my experience.

If you get stopped by the cops for anything at 3 am, you still have rights, but they are probably going to frisk you and see if you match any warrants or bulletins. Just be cool. If you are not a graffiti "artist" or a thief, then they are helping you out as a happy law abiding citizen of the township there.

PS don't get mad if they ask if you're drunk or on grass and you don't/aren't. If you keep odd hours, they will give you the rundown.