Sometimes you get the elevator and ...


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Aug 29, 2008
Tucson, AZ USA
Never mind, you know the rest. Today I was riding over to the bike Co-op for my Saturday class when I had a flat. No big deal except I suddenly realized that one of the pieces of gear I hadn't bought yet was a tire pump. D'oh! So I chained the bike up and hoofed about a 3/4 mile to the nearest bike shop and bought a pump and a slime tube. I hiked back to the bike and discover that the tube I bought has a Schraeder valve. I also discovered that I really didn't have any idea how to use this new pump. D'oh! I got out my emergency tube and managed to force enough air into it that I could roll the bike to another bike shop that was on the way to my class which I was now late for. There I used their compressor and got a quick lesson on how the pump works for the next time. So running about 40 minutes late I finally got to the bike Co-op only to find that my class had been cancelled! D'oh!!!

Well I had a go at fixing my tube while I was there but discovered it had a slit in it. I had installed a tire liner when I built the bike and when I changed the tube I had noticed that it had folded sideways when I installed it so I am thinking that rubbing against that edge was what caused the flat. D'oh!

Anyway with a tear in my eye I started on the 7 mile ride home. I got about 3 blocks when there was a loud snapping noise not unlike the sound that certain chinese drive chains make when they give up the ghost. Of course I didn't have a back-up! D'oh!!!!

So I got to peddle my overweight single speed cruiser the 7 miles. I am now moving like a (much older) old man. What really torques my shorts though is that I had just gotten the replacement part for my chain breaker this morning. I have the replacement chain sitting on my workbench. I just didn't have time to install it because I didn't want to be late for class. D'oh!!!!

Of course to add insult to injury, the "El Tour De Tucson" was today so I was getting passed frequently by people in brightly colored spandex with numbers on their back. I wasn't on the course so I assume they were riding home. Overall, not one of my better days. D'oh!!!!!!!!