Some help before I make a purchase, please.


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Dec 1, 2014
I'm about to order some parts and know full well that I am an idiot.

So I'm hoping to run my plan past this forum, because people much smarter than me are here.

So I want to buy one of these two forks.

And am not sure which one I need. I think I need the second one?

Here's my bike, it is a steel-framed Huffy Cranbrook.

The second one doesn't list an inside diameter, just says 1 1/8 inches. so I'm not confident enough to pull the trigger. I'm hoping someone here with more experience with this sort of thing can lend me a hand.

Also, if someone could point me in the right direction for what to do about the headset bearing, I would super-duper appreciate that, never messed with a headset before today taking these pictures. I was thinking I could just re-use the components that are already on the bike, but I'm thinking that might not be possible.

There is way more planned for this bike, but I don't want to bog down this post with too many different questions.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
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Nov 22, 2013
Victor, Colorado
I think you need ( 26", 300 x 28.6mm, Threadless ) and sunlite also makes a threadless adapter kit to replace the bearing races and such. It would be much simpler to stick with a threaded setup but; some of the best parts aren't that generic!

First make sure it'll fit in the steer-tube - WIDTH WISE... My Huffy Panama Jack had a 1" steer-tube which limited my overall choices. See my PJ build by typing "Paragraphs" into the search-bar, should be in the top 5-results! You'll also see a good reason to not get the cheaper springer forks!


Jan 26, 2017
You need a 1 inch fork setup if you go with threaded then you only need the fork.
If you go threadless then you have to remove the headset and press In a thread less headset for 1 inch you will also need a yoke for a 1 inch steer tube that also fits your handlebars

I did the threadless