So I heard about this Death Race...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DeadmanWonderland, Apr 24, 2010.

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    And right then, I knew I found something I could really get into. I couldn't enter this year since I'm very new to the whole thing and well no bike to convert on top of that lol.

    I've got quite a lot of questions about the process. Like what frame would be best, what motor is the most reliable etc. I did a little searching about the laws for my area [arlington] kinda disheartening about the limit. But I'm still interested in building one.

    So um other than
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    Welcome to the place.

    There are no "best engines" as far as that goes. The QC at the chinese factories is appalling at best, so these are hobby engines. They can be raced, modified, tweaked, or just maintained and ridden daily. They are what you make them.

    As for the bike choices? Endless. Almost any diamond frame and most cruiser frames will work. Have a look around this site for ideas, and no-no's.

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