Single speed VS. Gears

Jul 22, 2008
I wasn't too sure where to put this so I guess this is a kind of a blog. Just wanted to throw out there my past experiences with these wonderful creations.
Since about late fall early winter I have been actually possessed with my Buggy Bike. From fitting that Titan kit in front to trying a homemade solution to a front gear while keeping my drum brake to completely scrapping that entirely because the plate that I put that crank sprocket on there moves around to finding a 5 speed freewheel and to my current configuration 3 speed laced by me on a 20 inch wheel it has a small 19 inch sprocket so to compensate I installed a HUGE 20 tooth on the jack-shaft.
Don't get me wrong. I LOVE that bike. I did a lot of tweaking on that puppy and will probably do more particularly getting more braces on that mount so it won't wiggle at all. Every day before I ride I have to adjust that shifter for 2nd gear if it's not spot on will slip between gears and it does get quite annoying unless it's spot on no big deal I can get it spot on in like 10 seconds just more stuff to add to the individuality of it all.
It climbs hills like no tomorrow and the Front wheel drive means I can go in circles while waiting for the light to turn green and at cruising speed the engine just humms along.
So that's that. My grocery getter. My joy. My never ending project,always finding room for improvment.
Then there's MOOP 2. The China engine. Everybody's first engine (most anyway). The mods I have done. Transferred all that from MOOP1 3000 miles till I got careless and messed up the mixing on a few tanks wore out my crank seal. DAX got me a deal on engine parts. Taking my sweet time this puppy will be OVER lubricated before I will EVER under lubricate it ever again looking at Pablo's kit so simple yet so brilliant MOOP2 will ALWAYS be an experiment in better and better I don't care that's just me.
So in the past few weeks I struck a good deal on a used Titan engine cleaned it up with some carb cleaner needed a bolt here and there and got it purring. It went on Cronus also installed the updated bearings adjust here adjust there all rolling smooth just like clockwork. Also took that Wheelman Wheel and installed the 48 sprocket in back it has 36 spokes but those spokes are so thick you have to check side by side play along with up and down and it needs a bit more as far as getting it clamped on there good.
Over the weekend I have my host home guy so no riding until today but over the weekend I finished tweaking out Cronus,adjusted the jack-shaft on the Buggy Bike for some reason the huge sprocket is sliding away from the jack shaft I know what's going on easy tweak and made more progress on MOOP2 but it's not ready to roll yet.
So I needed to get some groceries this morning. Hopped on the Buggy Bike,adjusted the shifter, shifting smooth. I really do need better brakes on this thing my seat post is also rusted on from years of it not being moved so I have the original seat it's a bit bent I'll spend an afternoon fixing that puppy I would go faster but my brakes,man. My brakes.
Picked up 2 cases of water,4 cases of diet soda 20 pounds of ice,potatoes,potato chips,canned veggies some bananas then rode back home and parked it.
I had to run to the bank to get a cashier's check to pay my house I have an owner carry deal I hold the deed in 10 years not having to deal with banks is rather sweet and pulled some cash to pay other bills it's an awesome excuse to go riding I can just as easily pick up a phone or go online to pay bills I like actually going there and have them swipe my debit card.
So I took Cronus.
I tell you. This is the one bike I really don't have a desire to mod. Okay that CVT does sound interesting I still think I can make it work,but today riding that bike maybe that CVT idea can fall on a bike #4 in a year or two.
I mean this bike reminds me that we are riding bicycles. My Buggy Bike with the gears is rather turning into an underpowered motorcycle. It's still a bike but I need extra finessing with gear changing and what not.
Cronus isn't like that at all. It has the 48 tooth so it's on the pull side,which is perfect for me. It can still pull the fairly steep hills but there's no shifting. You just throttle maybe peddle and it just does what you want. Those short cranks I put on there helped so much too. No more stretching up on my legs. I can lower my seat and be comfortable.
And top speed is the speed the engine is going AAAAAHHHH!! back it down to 3/4 throttle and just not care about speed.

So what am I saying here? I think I am saying that's it's always a cool thing to find more efficiency to find improvements to maybe go more faster or climb bigger hills and discovering parts in your backyard that makes you say "now why isn't this the way it should be?"
But it's also cool to stick with the K.I.S.S. every now and then.

My Buggy Bike and MOOP 2 to me will always be my little experiment bikes maybe my Buggy Bike is about done with mods... for now. That's my grocery getter/doggie hauler.

MOOP2 will be my short distance runner maybe a Cherry Creek run or two this year.

But Cronus will be left untouched. It needs a washing. That's all.

It's perfect.


minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I guess I have always been a minimalist. I never had any desire to change gears, or make the bike anything more than a bike that helped me get around without gasping for air.

I always build with a 20" coaster brake rear wheel. usually with a crank set from a 20" bike. It's just so much easier to ride. With any kind of helper motor it will get me where I'm headed eventually.