Simulated Break In Period

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    We always suggest that you not expect optimum performance from a new engine until you've put at least 200 miles on it. 300 is even better. 1/3 tank of fuel isn't going to tell you much.

    Also don't start adding performance options until at least that 200 mile mark. After that start with spark plug readings to give you an idea (not absolute) but an idea of where your fuel to air mix should be. Typically the higher you are from sea level, the leaner you need to tune your carburetor.

    Opti-2 is a good lubricant but it isn't a silver bullet that will make a bad engine run great. Don't expect neck snapping performance just because of your oil choice.

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    It's just my impatient nature!

    All my performance mods are internal.

    I know Opti is not (WHAT?!) the silver bullet, but even though this motor is not yet to the performance of my last motor, this new motor sounds and runs better and it doesn't go put-put-put, it goes Thank you - thank you - thank you.

    Strange but true!
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    I'm just about to buy my first kit and I'm doing research before hand. I tend to agree with your assessment on the break in, but I do have one question. (at the moment. More to follow.)

    Chainsaws and Weed Eaters specify 50:1, 32:1, 16:1 and such oil fuel ratios right from the get go. Why do these engines need the extra oil at break in?

    Is it really necessary?
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    I'm with the ride it like you stole it crowd.
    I've been racing and generally beating the snot out of every type and size engine since I was old enough to wrap and yank a pull start, and I have never had problems.
    Ring-dingers need very little break in anyway, and I'd rather find any weakness right off the bat than have it puke 50 miles from the house later. Just give it enough oil and don't gouge on it for at least ten minutes after it starts and you'll be fine.
    I've been doing things this way for over 40 years and my junk runs fine.
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    I tried the "recommended" break-in.

    Got tired of it half way down the street. :D

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