simple question 2


minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I didn't see my old "ask a simple question" thread so here is another one.


I got the weed whacker running and I tested it enough to know it isn't going to ride like a china bike. I need a better drive wheel, no big thing I can buy that but the clutch has to be just lift the whole kit and kabootle off the wheel so that it idles freely. Kind of like Joe's bike bug.

Mine is on the rear wheel so it isn't quite as easy. I am using a cable now but with less than satisfactory results.

I think that is easier to control the bike with the brakes and throttle most of the time. I think the clutch probably is just going to be for starting and stopping. Probably the best thing will be to go with a leaver and a lockout device.

Opinions please.

Bikeguy Joe

Godfather of Motorized Bicycles
Jan 8, 2008
up north now
Lever and over cam lock out, just like the bike bug. It works (worked) for me...

Speaking of the bike bug- I sent that woman who bought it a couple of messages and she never responded. I know she got it because I sent it Priority mail on Wed. I just wanted to know how she liked it.