Shipping a contrusted Motor Bike
Sep 13, 2008
Hey all!

I have an order for a constructed motor bike across the state.

It is too much of a hassle to drive it there.

Does anyone have any tips on how to ship a constructed motorized bicycle?

who to go with and how to box it up?

I do not think that the standard bike box will suffice...

I checked the forum and did a little searching online, but found nothing useful.

I will continue to search the interwebs for an answer and if I find a solution first, I will share it with the board.

Thanks in advance!


May 25, 2008
I shipped a motorized bike from the next province over a few months back. I got a bike box from a bicycle store and used that without problems. I had to take off the handlebars (at the neck) and the wheels and add some packing.

Bikeguy Joe

Godfather of Motorized Bicycles
Jan 8, 2008
up north now
Loosen the bars and turn them sideways.
Remove both pedals.
Make some "caps" of cardboard, foam, plywood, or ??? to cover the axle ends.
Use a regular bike box, reinforced heavily with filiment tape (fibergalss tape)

Ship it Fed Ex, UPS or Greyhound.


MB Builder Extraordinaire
Jul 21, 2008
coventry, RI
get the largest/thickest bike box from a bike shop you can find.

drain fuel tank AND drain carbuerator.

remove the pedals, and put a ziptie on the left pedal to identify which is which, because the left pedal is reverse-threaded. The left pedal tightens as you turn it counter-clockwise.

remove the handlebars, and lay them lengthwise across the bike. this way, you can keep all the cables/levers attatched.

remove front wheel.

remove seat from seat post.

run front wheel spokes thru the right crank (right crank facing forward), so the wheel is tucked alongside the right side of bike.

drop the bike and front wheel into the box together.

then seat, pedals.

extra packing around fuel tank. extra cardboard along the sides is good, too.

if you're shipping it via UPS of whatever, MAKE SURE you have LOTS of obvious "FRAGILE" , "THIS END UP" and "DO NOT LAY FLAT" stickers on all sides of the box. you dont want them to lay your bikebox flat, and stack heavy crap on top of it.