Senior's bike


minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
if you have been following my build for the junker contest you know the clown bike has already had many lives since I purchased the basic three speed bike a couple of months ago.

The three speed was first a simple electric conversion for me to ride in the park. but it was terribly unstable for me since the wheels were so thin, tall and I guess flexible. Every pot hole and large crack in the bike trail threw me around like a leaf in a windstorm. So the bike went onto a 'rest' mode.

When it came out of hibernation it had a smaller chain ring to create a lower gear ratio. It also had a small rear wheel and a thicker front wheel. The smaller rear wheel makes the bike easier for a person like me (older and with balance issues) to mount and dismount. I admit I wasn't thinking of anyone but me when I redesigned the size of the bike.

At this point the bike is still pretty lightweight and easy to pedal, but of course us old guys don't like to pedal up big hills so enter the need for power assist. I tried a weed wacker gasoline engine. I spent a couple of weeks working on it and I feel sure could have made it work but alas it would never have been of much use as the senior's bike I have in mind. There is the whole drag start issue among other things. Most seniors will be back to biking after years of not having touched one. Just like I was.

I have some experience with friction drive electric builds so I'm back to the plan of building an electro friction drive bike just for seniors. If you wish to follow the progress go to the bike build contest and look for Deacon's bike.

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