Scrounging is a habit


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Dec 27, 2008
The same second hand store where I bought my Kulana Moon Dog, had a somewhat trashed looking mountain bike. The guy running the store said I could have it, so I took it home. It was filthy, and had been vandalized, or kicked by the previous owner. I cleaned it up, and removed the shift mechanism, which was broken and trashed in several places. Also there are seven or eight missing spokes, each wheel has several missing. Anyway, the bike still looks pretty good, has good tires and tubes, and I have extra parts from another bike to fix the shifter. Unlike some mountain bike frames, this one is open enough to install an engine kit.

I'll probably remove the kit from my Giant Iguana and put it on this bike. I'm not too thrilled with most Magnas. But this one is different. For a Magna, this one is good, but heavy. I don't see any Magna's as nice as this anymore. As you can see in the picture it has a 3 piece crank, and front suspension. Just right for a build.