Schwinn Point Beach with Drum Brakes front & rear


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Jul 7, 2012
I have a Schwinn Point Beach with front and read Drum Brakes (6 Speed as my 7 Speed off the original wheel wouldnt fit) I am trying to avoid adding a flywheel and believe the kit to put a sprocket wouldnt fit on the Drum Brake side anyways. Anybody have some help here. I live in Iowa and believe all I can have is a 49cc, I plan on a 4 Stroke I do not want to be mixing. I also put an after market schwinn type springer fork and an old style reproduction speedometer but cant get it to work properly (wheel may prevent it, the odometer works but not speedometer?]). Any suggestions, I also want to buy a Broad Track type Gas Tank I do not like the little peanut type tanks they come with and will probably piece together instead of buying a kit. Any suggestions welcome.
P.S. I built Bikes in the 70's when my father's Air Conditioning service was slow in the Winter to make ends meet. I laced my own wheel, but now have to re lace it with 105 gauge spokes to match the front wheel
P.S.S. I ride a Triumph 2002 American; this is for fun and to teach my son as I cannot afford another bike at this time (and it gives me something to do)laff
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Jan 31, 2011
Lebanon, PA
if you want an in-frame engine, options are sprocket and chain on left side of wheel (or belt drive or cvt, depending which engine you get, but all amounting to the same thing - left side drive) or a shift kit, which retains the natural right side drive of a bicycle. with a belt secondary drive, you would have a sheave attached to your rear wheel, which the drum brake wouldnt be in the way of. it can be all one belt from engine to wheel if you have the right clutch setup, it can be belt primary and secondary if necessary, or it can be chain primary and belt secondary, i think. could be wrong about the chain primary and belt seconday, not sure, but either way, as long as a belt is driving the rear wheel, there is no need for a left side sprocket. a shift kit is a jackshaft that will have a small length of chain going from the engine to a jackshaft, then on the other side of the jackshaft, another chain going from the shaft to a freewheel that is installed on the bottom bracket. if you have a one piece crank, you will need bottom bracket adapters which are sold by the same company (sick bike parts) which sells the shift kits. the shift kit then allows the bicycle's gears to act as a drivetrain for the engine. these are your options for drivetrains with in-frame engines. another option is friction drive, which is where an engine is mounted above the rear wheel via a rack, and a roller on the engine moves the rear wheel. friction drive is also applicable to front wheel drive.