Schwinn Chopper suzuki fa50 runs slow at times?


Nov 24, 2014
seattle, wa
Hi, so my fire up process worked out good starts on first kick everytime as of now I would like to figure out why my FA-50 IS laggy at times, I can pull the choke in or out at times and it speeds up by its self, the main focus here is that on a concistancy level fastest I've got it to go would be 20mph at lowest speculated before rigging a new brake cable up was 8-15 in the past few days of ownership I am aware the carb looks like **** but is fairly clean enough if it starts first kick everytime.

Some other notations I have taken in concideration as listed.

• fuel petcock (suzuki fa 50/honda____/yamaha qt50 pw50) not sure what is the full off position on it says on, pri, and res which in short for On postion, reserve position, and prime.

• The drain line has a slight very very slow drip when off (suspected leaky or dirty float needle).

• too much vibration on crappy roads (no shocks what so ever) (decrease tire pressure)?

• no kill switch

Any ideas why and how to fix these issues?

I don't think I'm running rich but do need an air filter once in a blue moon it smells a tad bit rich but not screaming rich to where it burns anyones eyeballs always good to run a hint rich only run 50:1 synthetic high quality tru fuel as it's an old used engine I don't think it's ever been rebuilt either.

I detest disassembling the carb as well as it still starts good but I do need to figure out what's wrong.