Runs better starts quick with new muffler


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Aug 4, 2008
I put a new chrome muffler on my engine (from another kit I got) because the black one was in the way of the pedal crank (I figured I'd bend it out of the way one of these days). Anyway I noticed that the engine started up immediately and at a very slow pace, It may be my imagination but it seemed to run smoother too, I also changed the bottom mount as the first one was a quick fix just to get the thing mounted, and It was "chafing" the aluminum of the eng case and also the steel bracket I made, the larger mounting bracket was also in the other kit I bought. I am now looking for another bike for mounting my second kit. I bought a Schwinn Clear Creek for the original motor but decided not to install the "China" engine because of limited space in the frame and my inexperience at this, glad I used my old bike first.

I have a 4 stroke eng from a weedwacker that supposedly a 26cc, I would like to make a rear mount for my clear creek but have no idea where to start. I think I would like a chain drive, does anyone think this little eng would not be strong enough for the job? it's rated at 1HP.. and has a centrifugal clutch.
any advice is greatly appreciated.
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