rubber for gasahol service


Sep 8, 2008
Hey gang-just now got back from Tulsa and the lady I talked to already had an answer emailed to me. She said it seemed reasonable that whatever they used in gas station hoses should work, but she researched it. They cut gaskets to order or sell the sheet, but I think there is a $25 min. They might sell me some drop for less. I used to steer lots of business their way. The Norton guys are having trouble with gas cocks swelling shut. I found the newly acquired ring gasket in my Clinton carb to be 1/4" too big when it came apart Keith(trackfodder)Williams :bike2:

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Date: Thursday, November 6, 2008, 3:49 PM

Hi Keith,

I contacted the company we buy the majority of our rubber products/sheet from and their lab has determined that EPDM or High Grade Nitrile is going to work best.

However, and they made this very clear, that any automotive application will eventually, if it doesn’t already, have an ASTM Spec that will have to be met.

Of course that doesn’t apply to someone working on a bike in their home…..

We stock Nitrile sheet and we can get the EPDM.

Let me know what more I can do to assist!


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