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    I think I need a rope starter for my "80cc" china girl so I can put the final sprocket on a 3-speed Sturmey -Archer rear wheel tranny sprocket and jackshaft to it from the engine. Since it freewheels on deceleration, I can't peddle-start it. The problem is I know they are made but don't know how to word my search. I suppose if it comes down to it I might be able to graft a starter pulley onto the engine nut but the tiddler isn't worth that much time and effort.
    If successful, it will greatly enhance the takeoff from a stop I really don't worry about top end as I have a couple 1400 cc's and a 650 cc to go fast on..shft.
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    Sep 30, 2012
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    search for "80cc pull start"

    you'll need a wider crank to get pedals past it too

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