Rock Solid Pro DIY bike stand for Pennies

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    I made this from the end post from a hospital bed in about 30 minutes. It's the part of the trapeez thingy that goes overhead for a pullup triangle etc. It's chrome, 8 sided tubing that's totally strong. I cut the top clamp off at 12". Welded the remaining tube to a old spare tire. Used the padded bedrail clamp to attach the bike frame. You can rotate the bike 360*. Move it up and down. The octagon flats make it very easy to clamp in any position and it never slips. It only takes one end post so any old discarded bed can make two stands. I suppose if you needed it to be more portable you could fashion a tripod on the bottom instead. It's rock solid, stable, and way stronger than it would ever need to be. Plus it looks totally pro. Hope you like it.



    Please Note that the main parts; 8 sides clamps, huge wing nuts, padded frame clamp, are already on the post. Nothing to manufacture. It literally took a half hour to build.
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    sold me ,I'll be looking for one

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