Rieju MX50 Morini Clutch problem


New Member
May 6, 2018

I have to disassemble the clutch on my sons motocross bike. It's a Rieju MX 50 with a Morini engine. I think the bike is from 2002.
All vids I have found seem to deal with the 3-shoe KTM-style clutch but this bike has only two shoes. There is a geared nut (I think) that I'd attached to the crank axle and that holds the inner part of the clutch. I have tried to twist this nut but it won't budge. Does anyone know if it's supposed to turn and which way? In the KTM videos it seems to turn counter clockwise but that would be stupid on this bike since it would unscrew when you kick it so I guess it should turn clockwise IF it turns.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.