Riding after it Rains



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Dec 10, 2008
I was riding up to the local taco hole right after it had drizzled a bit. I was doing sliding stops with the rear coaster brake until I went a little too fast and almost had it slide out from under me once so I decided to kill the engine and just ride it as a bike. Especially since I was traveling down the side walk of a busy stretch of main road with poor sidewalk conditions. Traffic was once again horrible with the holidays being near. it was still a bit drizzly.

My mind was preoccupied with the thought of tacos, when I heard a thud and squeel coming from the road. I assume my hearing had judged distance and direction of the squeeling because my immediate subconscious split second reaction was oh noes and I pedaled as fast as i could go forward. When i looked back to judge by eye, I saw the front end of an airborne cable installers van. it was spinning out of control from a curb check of the island that divides either side of the road. The van had spun maybe once at this point because it hit the the opposite curb(the side walk curb, which i was riding on) with such force; it literally jumped into the air before coming to rest with another quarter of a spin into someones lawn cutting deep holes into their turf.

I`ve seen countless scenarios just like this one on this very stretch of road maybe 25 yards long. spin outs in wet conditions one was a hit and run and several ended with the car in someones living room. what happens is the road makes a slight bend, and cars travel the posted speed limit without slowing down for road conditions.

I had probably traveled from the killzone to just in front of the van when it crossed the side walk. probably less than 2 yards in front from what i could tell. If I hadnt have sped up I would be dead. I am 1 second ahead of death (but i say 2 cuz it sounds cooler). If i where in the killzone the van would have come down on me at a downward angle since it was airborne off the curb; plus the inertia of it still going forward(or sideways) into the lawn. I`m pretty sure it would have killed me instantly with 0% chance of survival.

I should have dropped the clutch and peeled out so I could say my china girl saved my life; but my initial instinct was to pedal harder and after thinking about it, I would have hated for the engine to not fire up or hesitate if i attempted that. I continued riding and watched the driver get out, gather his thoughts; get back in his van and drive away; so no record of this could be obtained(since he was in a company car and could lose his job). when he passed by he looked the opposite way avoiding me completely, then sped up to avoid me catching his plate #`s I guess(it worked if so)

after this my nerves where shot and farther up the road I dropped my clutch twice accidentally, once resulting in my feet hydroplaning to keep me up for a few feet before i killed the engine which looked pretty cool (My idle was off). The other made me wobble real hard and almost dump it and caused my knee to push the gas tank out of place causing my fuel line to come loose and dump fuel all over my pants before I could jimmy it back onto the fuel intake.(^)

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Jan 8, 2008
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WOW! Sounds like you are lucky to have dumped only fuel on your pants....

I have been 1 second ahead of death myself on several occasions, except the time it caught up with me for three minutes.