Restricted Muffler...Sigh


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Aug 1, 2008
Finished the Blue Moon Dog install with a boygofast 80cc the other day and been screwing around with it since. No power... would barely accelerate on the level and just forget about anything uphill.

After futzing with every part on the motor multiple times, I finally found the problem. The black painted muffler was so restricted it did not let enough flow through to allow the engine to run much past idle. I installed the muffler from a Blue Collar kit I had and it worked fine. Just to confirm the issue, I reinstalled the black pipe and sure enough the problem returned. The muffler was fully welded so I couldn't see what might be mucked up inside.

Lesson learned... blow through the pipe before you install it.

Sent an email, but don't really expect any action besides me buying another pipe to replace it. I guess that's the price you pay to save a couple bucks :-||

Just thought I'd share this one.. maybe someone can save a couple days of screwing around with an unusual problem source.