repairs concerning 49cc-80cc

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    i recently bought a 49cc, was having lots of fun for about a week. then one day i was riding about 3 miles away from home and it just died on me. so i ran some tests and ended up buying a new cdi and coil, when i got the merchantdize i installed it and nothing same dead dont wanna run engine. frustrated with the thought of having to let it sit around and what not; i kept making attemps to starting it and nothing i did every imaginable thing and turn up with nothing. but today i decided to wrap some electrical tape around the wires coming out of the coil and some on the tubing of the bike and gave it shot and bang it started right up with my old cdi and coil. im so happy now i hope thi can help others who feel like they have done everything and nothing has worked. well give this a try and let me know if it has worked for you as well.
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    Howdy and welcome.

    Is great fun to get em working, again. lol

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