Registering in Wa, need some lighting solutions


Nov 24, 2014
seattle, wa
So I have pulled all the codes for the rcw related to registering my bike in relation to the task the toughest task is related to lighting period.

Rcw 46.37.525 says that:

At least one tail lamp is needed no higher or lower then 15-72 inches

This is no issue

A white plate light must be equipped which can be seen at least 50 feet away which is infered through rcw to be "attached to the headlight or accessories when turned on."

Small problem

Atleast one reflector must be installed which must be visible from 100-600 feet away.

No problem

Anyway the main problem is I don't want to run a mass amount of 12v motorcycle power.

I found a head light that is for motorcycles that has built in turn signals.....

Which should set the foundation for the tail lights...
Anyone have an idea how I can wire up an even an even cheaper system I don't want to dump a jeep in lighting but between lighting and Reflectors 300-600 feet is the minimum for lighting and reflectors Max out.

I also need high and low beams