Regional section


Feb 10, 2013
Southeastern GA
Another forum I frequent (a car forum) has a "regional" section that is of GREAT value. I'd love to see one done here as well.

The section is then divided into northeast, southeast, midwest, southwest, northwest, and I believe there's a section for US territories and another for outside US.

The big thing that this could bring is more gatherings. I've organized gatherings from car shows to cruise-ins, all with the help of the regional section. That would prevent the random "any Ohio people here???" type threads from popping up in the general section. At the same time, if a month later another person from Ohio does join, he could see that there's a subsection just for his area and find that someone is, in fact, trying to organize an event. Otherwise, that thread goes missing (with zero responses probably).

The second part of the car forum's regional section has a classifieds section for each region. Not that I think that it would be of any use, since the parts on these are so small, shipping isn't ridiculous. Plus, there's already the swap shop, so why mess with the success?

Just something to think about.
Aug 26, 2015
Overgaard AZ
+1 I love the idea, possibly even breaking it down further, Regional Board, containing that regions states as sub boards. Myself, I'd love to organise a few wilderness outings here in AZ, like camping rides and such. The Pleasant Valley Days in and around Young AZ would be a perfect and historic destination (see Pleasant Valley War, longest running, deadliest conflict of it's kind in America)

An excellent idea really!