Redbox Racer post build build thread

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    Aug 16, 2016
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    She's running great now with the old (NT) carb.

    It runs how you would expect the china girls to run, if that makes any sense. It's not a ZOOM ZOOM RACECAR, but everything seems solid. It might be placebo but it even seems quieter. I know for sure it doesn't make that horrible noise when I dump the clutch.

    No matter where it is in the powerband it pulls hard when I give it gas. And it hasn't even been broken in yet. I have confidence in it now when before it "was an oh boy here we go".

    I'm still on the 44 tooth, I got a 41 and 38 tooth with the new engine. I looked at all the bolts I would have to take off though and just thought "nope"

    I've almost got enough confidence to ride on the big boy streets now... almost.

    Thanks for the tips on the carb, I'll mess with it sooner or later. Although it's nice having a bike that runs for once heh.

    I've got a snowblower sitting in the garage. I kind of want to mod it now to make the snow shoot 60 feet.

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