Rear-ender from Hades


Sep 8, 2008
I have spent considerable time figuring what kind of power transmission and what engine to use on the rear suspension project with the Pierce-like front fork. My heart really isn't in it, but the challenge is there and worth the effort. I have a triangular 24" lightweight frame that the 26" spring fork fits. The rear has been whacked off aft of the shaft hanger and a 2nd shaft hanger mounted immediately behind that uses a straight keyed peddle shaft and peddle brackets pinned parallel to receive tubular swing arms and the front one is the jackshaft housing. A gooseneck is mounted in a vertical tube inverted 4" in front of the shaft hanger, and triangulated horizontally to it. The gooseneck is off a BMX bike and has 4 bolts to hold what now is my footbar. I have the option of reversing it to change foot location. I have a 50's Motobecane that will fit the frame and has a CVT clutch and probably a lighting coil. That is about all the good I can say for it, There isn't a carb or spark coil but I can overcome it. It has a TINY 1/2" intake tube. The potential opening is about
1-1/2 times that area. I need to find something with about a 19/32 throat. Does anybody know if there is performance specs to make it run? It is probably a weenie as-is. I have a spring loaded split pulley maybe 5" dia. from a Sears AC treadmill for the jackshaft. I may put a 2nd horizontal tube in and make a saddle tank, which is actually 2 separate tanks that will hold about 2 to-2-1/2 gal interconnected for reserve. The engine suspension bracket would weld to the lower tube. It would resemble a typical 1910-1914 type tank. I will have to mount a flywheel rope pulley. The rest of the rear suspension will be an inverted front fork pivoting on the axle bracket and springs in the fork stem or outside as the front fork will be acting behind the seat post tube. Gimme some advice and/or criticism to think about. Keith Williams