Race Fuels, Carbs and Jets


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Mar 12, 2020
Hi, I'm new here. Nice to meet y'all :) I'm 50, been working on engines since my first Kawasaki KX 80, when I was 12. I wouldnt say I was a pro mechanic, probably advanced enthusiast. I'd say I'm pretty capable at anything, given the right advice, when trying out something new.

So, the following, falls under "Something New" for me....I own a landscaping business, and have recently undertaken a new contract to clear several hundred acres of forested land for new construction. There are.a variety of trees I will be using chain saws for, but the majority of the "Work" will be clearing thick undergrowth and saplings. I have.several crew members, and have bought the heaviest duty "Clearing Saws" available Husqvarna 545s to give you an idea of what these are...Think, heaviest Duty Pro Echo weed eaters used by landscapers, go for like $300....the Husqys for for $1300. Truly Pro level machines, what you get is power to swing a large 3-bladed triangular pointed, blade. Smaller, lesser machines like an Echo, simply dont have the torque to spin a heavy duty blade like this....So, the powerful Husqy can spin it, with "adequate" power most of the time.. However, this is why I'm reaching out to you guys....most of the time, is not all of the time, and speed and time is money. When the brush gets thick enough, these, largest machines available, still are checking for more power. I can't buy a more powerful machine, so I am looking for ways to get more power from the ones I have for these extreeme situations.. I'm thinking of running them with perhaps larger carbs, richer jets, perhaps racing fuels from VP fuels, remixing nitromethane with race gas, or running nitro with methanol straight. No, I dont want to blow the engines in a day, and realize some of these power cheats are going to dramatically lessen the lifetime expectancy of the engines, that's OK...But what do you guys reccomend to get max power out of a 2-stroke engine... I just dont have this kind of experience...I know, starting off, I'll have to get larger fuel lines, but should I replace the carbs, new jets, can I run leaded higher octane VP 228 gas through them, or would I be better to run straight methanol and nitrothane... if so what would I need to modify??? Thanks so much for your expertise my new fr
Aug 8, 2019
Can you diy modify a weed eater or chainsaw? People on the rcu forums do all the time... Copper spray every gasket on the machine. Intake gets heavily scratched up on the inside. Gut the muffler also and the exhaust hole gets brazed shut and a half inch pipe sticking out of the sparkplug side of the head. Shave the fins off the flywheel.. < be carful with balance here. Plate on the inside of the crankcase acting as stuffing. E3 diamond fire plug. Shorten the plug wire. Then if you have a machine shop transfer port cleanup porting ect ect.