Question about an LEM LX2 SX50


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Aug 21, 2013
I've finally finished getting my KTM 50 motor installed with jackshaft onto my GT LTS1 bicycle frame and beefed it up with a go cart jackshaft because the kit I got from Sick Bikes torqued and twisted into a crazy messed up pile of metal after I gave that KTM 50 some high rpms and tore out of there at 50 mph on a straight away. Regardless of the new jackshaft though, I'm always reminded that my KTM 50 motor and it's 9 HP was meant for a motorcycle and not a bicycle. So on to my next adventure. Hopefully someone can help me with some info...

With all the hype (and now success) about taking a Honda 50 frame and turning it into a super motorized bike, I was wondering if anyone knew if the same thing could be done with an LEM LX2 SX50 frame (or whole bike including motor). Was thinking about getting one and seeing if could get a jackshaft on there and peddles and transform the LEM LX2 SX50 into a motorized bike. Was hoping someone might have some insight to the possibilities and/or roadblocks involved.