Pull start and centrifical clutch on a 80cc china girl?


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May 15, 2018
Hey all i am completely new to this sceen and im just wondering if it possable to put a pull start and centrifical clutch on an 80cc china girl motor. Being new these are things i didnt even consider until after i bought the motor kit. Also any advice on what to look out for would be great.
Oh and btw this isnt going on a bike im adapting all of it for a little homebrew project so pedel starts are not a possability lol.


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Sep 30, 2012
most of the time, one has to use the pull start with clutch because there is no way to pedal start with some clutches

pull start can be used alone


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Jul 13, 2010
What I have to say about centrifugal clutch and pull start is not about how it is added to the bike. I just wanted to say on my DIY Briggs bike I use this set up. I can use engine braking with the clutch or slow enough to a point where the clutch shoes disengage when going down hill, then I coast and let engine idle. Recently on a 2 mile down hill I just shut the off the engine an coasted for what seemed like 20 minutes. When at the bottom where it flattened out I knew I would have to restart the engine when I was stopped and had one foot on the ground. A bit too soon and I was met by some ones dog that came out from where they were fishing. Lucky the guy called off the dog to return. I would have had to restart the engine real quick to otherwise not have to deal with a possible dog bite. Yikes, but it had me on edge for a bit. Passed the pooch and the people on the way back with the dog running loose again, but it jumped in a truck as I passed by motoring up the hill.