Power loss in my Phantom HS Kit?



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Dec 18, 2011
Memphis TN
Deffinately sticky this one. I had adjusted my valves about 2 weeks ago it was a big improvement from the way they were (way to loose). My idle was abit messed up ok I would be riding mostly be at a high speed prepair to stop and my idle would drop out. I would try to pull start again no luck, then I just simply untwisted my gas cap and left it loose and tried to start it fired right up let it idle for a few seconds then tightened the cap back on and noticed the idle just slightly smooth or better to be said the vaccume was established to where it should be. Ok I had coated my tank with Red Kote and used the cap to do the coating process the 4 vent holes were covered so before it fully cured I poked them clear to let my gas cap not be clogged up. Well my vaccume problem was still apparent till just afew days ago when my step thru locking gas cap came in, it doesn't have the vent holes but idle has returned.

Two more important points keep the oil changed and get a heat ranged (numbered) spark plug.

I run Mobile 1 0w-40 full synthetic motor oil, Champion z9y spark plug, and Non methanol gas (in a new and coated tank), Got the pirate kit, H.D. axel, electra cruiser, thumb throttle, Bontrager Front Hank/50 psi Back Big Hank/50 psi, 3.5l tank, um.... I do think the Whizzer rear wheel makes better acceleration without all the stress on the motor getting a start going.

Ok Typically valves esp on air cooled Summer they get tighter Winter they get looser. It's the outside temperatures they affect it, differance running your kit in place to get idle versus making a run then stop and adjust idle it's air cooled theres a reason it's got that big metal plate wraped around the cylinder head.

Cheers to all.


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Jul 28, 2010
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My bike is much more broken in. I basically put the engine on it and rode it like ****. Same for my dads bike. The only reason i think mine is more broken in is because i ride it alot more.
Did you check your valves yet?
How about a follow up on all the help you got?

I see that you are now looking to put a cam and carb on your bike.

It doesn't take many miles to break the 50 cc Huashengs in.


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May 29, 2012

Aleman,that is a great tutorial. I will be using it in a couple days and would just like to thank you in advance.