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Mar 4, 2022
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The IRS got a hold of a man who was a gambler and told him to bring his lawyer into the IRS office for an audit.

The man brings his lawyer down to the IRS agent's office and meets up with the IRS agent.

Yes sir the IRS agent says to The Gambler we show extensive deposits in your bank account and you don't have a job would you care to explain this?

The Gambler explains to the IRS agent that he's a gambling Man and makes most of his money through wagers.

The gambling man then says to the IRS agent I know that I owe you a bunch of money but I'll tell you what I'll bet you half of the money on my bill that I can bite my own elbow.

The IRS agent tries to bite his own elbow seeing that it's impossible says okay it's a bet so the gambling man takes his false teeth out and bites his elbow and puts his teeth back in.

This makes the IRS agent mad. The gambling man says hold on now I'll tell you what if you take another third off my bill I'll bet you that I can lick my own eyeball.

The IRS agent tries to lick his own eyeball and seeing that it's impossible says okay it's a bet so the guy pops out his eyeball licks it and puts it back in.

The IRS agent is furious at this point and the gambling man says hold on now I got one more bet for double or nothing I'll bet you I can pee in this thimble from across the room 20 ft and not get one drop of pee anywhere but in that thimble.

The IRS agent laughs, knowing that this is impossible says it's a bet. So the gambling man stands up on the IRS agents desk and pees all over his files all over the IRS agent all over everything in the office...

The IRS agent starts to laugh and says I got you now you owe me!

The IRS agent then looks at the guy's lawyer and the lawyer is shaking his head. The IRS agent asks him "what's wrong?"

And the guy's lawyer says before we got here he bet me a million dollars that he could pee all over your office and you'd be happy about it.
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Aug 20, 2019
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Guy goes to see the Doctor

Doc - What seems to be the problem

Guy - My azz hurts

Doc - Where does your azz hurt

Guy - At the entrance

Doc - Your azz is always gonna hurt if you keep saying it has an entrance