Portable One-Person Sleeping Tent



May 9, 2008
Mesa, AZ
I've used the one man Bivy style tents, which you can get really cheap. these are also vey easy and quick to set up. I used mine when offroading, when getting the tent set up was the last thing you wanted to do at night. Mine, I can set up in less than a minute.

There's lots of really cheap bivy tents on amazon:
Amazon.com: one man tent

These work very well, are pretty comfy and are extremely compact when folded up. Mine rolls up into a 3"x20" or so bag.


Jul 8, 2008
Wayne National Forest
One handy item I own is a Jungle Hammock which packs quite compact. If you're around trees you can sleep off the ground with screen enclosure and a
good roof over your head. If you are in the open.......you can pitch it on the ground and still be just as enclosed. You'll just need six tent pegs and a couple of two foot tall poles along with some cord to rig it with.

This will seperate you from the creepy crawlies, misquitos, gnats, and other varmits of the night time. The bottom is usually a heavy canvas and the rest is lighter weight water proofed nylon and net screen. Some people go the extra steps and sew curtains to the outside of the screen at the roof which can be rolled up and tied in nice weather, or rolled down and tied if rainy or windy.

But if I thought the weather forecast was for big thunderstorms or electrical storms I wouldn't be out over night relying on a tent of any kind for shelter.


New Member
Aug 7, 2008
i've used the jungle hammock many times, its a life saver. takes a little getting used to to set up but its your best wilderness option!