Portable Drive Kit for Tricycle



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Sep 8, 2016

I am looking for drive kit for a tricycle. My budget for the kit is $350.* I would need to be able to remove it and carry it with me while doing shopping. I live in an area that is completely flat. I weigh 165 pounds. The maximum weight of any cargo would be 40 pounds. I would like to be able to go 15 mph. I would need a range of at least 15 miles.

Electric Drive: I have searched the web and this forum for portable electric kits and have not found anything. I am aware of Rubbee and Shareroller. Rubbee appears to be bicycle rear drive only and Shareroller isn't currently for sale. Plus I can't afford the $800+* cost. I could put together my own electric drive so long as it didn't require any fabrication or expensive tools or technical knowledge. Are there any suitable kits or parts lists? I found one part list but it is 6 years old.

Gas Drive: Gas friction drive motors appear easy to remove. I could leave the roller assembly on the trike but would prefer not to as that would be an additional loss of $150 in case of theft. How long would it take for it to cool down enough to handle? I would carry it in an insulated bag or set it in a shopping cart. Would I have to keep the motor upright while off the bike? Is this practical?

Any other suggestions?

Aug 26, 2015
Overgaard AZ
As discussed in previous posts, taking a MB (or its motor) inside, can be a very bad idea. Its hot, it leaks toxic chemicals blah blah blah. There's only one power plant that removes from the bike as easily as you would like, is you. Bike motors must be firmly mounted to reduce vibration and maintain alignment. You could try installing a keyed ignition, lock the bike to a solid object, or move to a less crime riddled piss hole. Florida has screwy laws about MBs anyway, almost makes it easier to ride a motorcycle. Sorry not much help I'm sure, but I don't want yer greasy fingers anywhere near my Tillamook cheese, and you'd look a damn fool lugging an e motor around with you.