Plugged up mufflers?


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I've been riding these motorbikes for about 9 years now. I have 3 bikes.
The biggest problem with these things seems to me is that the exaust pipe and mufflers get plugged up and as a result, loss of power. I clean them out as good as I can, but you can't seem to get into the middle of them. I just tried soaking in carburator cleaner with no results. Mostly I just scrape it out and take a long stiff wire attached to a drill and reem it out a bit.
My custom made long "Lake Pipe" (for my 80cc) is so plugged it won't run right. It cost my $200 including the chrome, so I don't just want to put another $20 stock muffler on it.
Does anyone know what chemical will eat the crap out of it?


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Nov 19, 2008
Manchester TN USA
tetrahyrachloride or Brake cleaner will normally eat just about anything. Make sure you are not leaving the petcock on as it will siphon unburnt fuel into the pipe.

Also what mixture are you running. Being too rich can cause a build up in the pipes as well.