Please Help!! Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Electric Lightning " Trike Won't Start


New Member
Sep 2, 2020
Hello! I have a Worksman SIDE-BY-SIDE "Electric Lightning " Trike and I can't get it to start. I hook up the battery to the charger until the charger turns green, but when I put the battery in the bike it won't start, and it only powers up the Display Interface. Sometimes the charger will flash red or green while it's charging, and if I unplug it then plug it back in it will be solid red or green. Very strange. We actually just got a new battery for it and are trying to charge it but it's being weird (flashing green, red, etc). We tried turning on the bike with the new battery after the charger flashed green, but it did the same thing as before and only powered up the Display Interface.

It's charging now and it's solid red, so we're waiting for it to turn green. Any help or ideas would be extremely helpful and appreciated! Thank you!