Perfectly Running Scrambler (Norco Bigfoot SP)

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    Had this bike for about a year now I think. Probably a good 7200km/4473.87miles on it assuming that Ive used about 120 litres of gas, and I get about ~60km to a litre.

    Nothing is stock on the bike except the engine. Tops out at 62kph/39mph
    -Expansion Chamber Pipe w/o catalytic converter
    -CNS carb
    -34 tooth rear sprocket
    -NGK spark plugs + boot + wire
    -Sickbikeparts throttle


    The black thing on the right side of the bike is a piece of scrap metal that fell off of a car that I found laying around which I painted and strapped onto the bike because the stupid CNS carb will make your pants smell like gas. Thank god for zip-ties.

    I like to take it out on trails and use it to get around my area, great bike to practice light dirt riding with. Clutch up wheelies are no problem over obstacles.

    I wonder what I could get for this thing if I sold it. Lots of people have asked but I don't know. What would you guys value it? Both rims are newly replaced, 2 sets of front tires.
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