People from Portland,OR hate the show "Portlandia"

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    Sep 12, 2016
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    Whats up? Patrick from Oregon here. Very green when it comes to motorized bikes. Have a pretty sweet looking stretched cruiser with a 31CC friction drive on it. I busted the mount and keep jimmy rigging it so it will contact the tire correctly but ultimately it doesn't last long and have to try another way. I am finally to the point of needing to just replace it with something else. Because it was custome built by a guy in his garage and my small knowledge of these things I am having a tough time deciding what to put on it motor wise, how to mount it, and whether to stay with friction or go to chain. I would like to do the ladder but this will be the more difficult and time consuming part.(I am not a patient man) Any suggestions and why? Need help and I Love to ride it. It puts a huge smile on my face. Wont let me post my pic. but the picture is in my photo album on my profile:-||
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    Hi there, I am also in Portland, OR! I love building bikes and I would be happy to take a look for you and help figure it out. I'll send you a pm with my contact info.

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    People from Alabama think the show is hilarious!laff

    At least, some of us do.

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