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    Jul 21, 2010
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    I've decided the pedals on my latest bike transfers a little too much vibration for my taste so I'm gonna go out tomorrow and find something more rubbery and less metallic at the bike shop. I have been readin around the forums but not gettin a clear picture as to what I should pick up.

    I was thinkin I might get something like this if they carry them in stock, I know a few people like them on here but I decided I would go ahead and ask the people hears opinion on the subject and defer to the knowledge of the experts before I go.
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    Personally, I'd say get some riding boots with thicker soles.

    But, if you're looking for a solution through pedals, those should work well if they're big enough. I ride wide metal pedals just for the quality behind them, and that they can fit the width of my foot. Usually if it doesn't fit the width of your foot, they'll cave on you.
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    i was gonna say, get some better shoes...

    if the vibrations are so bad that it's messing up your feet, you might need more than just new pedals.

    check your mounts and anything else on the bike that can rattle.
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