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Dec 4, 2018
Middletown NJ USA
OK. So I made my own jackshaft kit out of 5/8 bearings some steel plate and a freewheel and a cassette from a bike (req welding). So I have a 10t engine sprocket 20t gear on the left side of the jackshaft and a 13t gear on the right side which leads to a 44t gear on the pedal cranks. At 5000rpm, the pedals rotate at 180rpms. With the current gearing, I can (theoretically) reach 64.8mph in the highest setting on my derailler.
With a 11t gear optionB, they rotate at 152rpm and i can reach (theoretically) 55mph on the highest setting on my derailleur. Question: WHICH OPTION SHOULD I CHOOSE. Will my setup work with the 13t gear. Can i pedal it off from idle or the rpms are to high. The problems is if i choose B, I will have to bike to the junkyard and salvage a bike cassette and cut off the last gear and weld that to the axle as I dont have it in my garage. If i choose A, I can proceed.

THANKS...... ONE MORE QUEST. At 5000rpm, do i have the best torque/power ratio.