Panasonic electric bicycle is disappointing me!


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Dec 25, 2007
I got my Panasonic electric bike back from Osaka a few days ago and the price for replacing a few spokes in the rear wheel was more than $100.00!!
They used aluminum for the spokes...I guess they thought they would save money over stainless steel!
They had estimated about $50-60 for the repair, so I was most unhappy. I don't speak much Nihongo (Japanese) so I just glared at the guy who made the estimate until he lowered the price some, but it was still a big gyp.
The rear tire is about worn out and I thought they might replace that for me as part of the 50-60 that was estimated, but nothing was done about that, either. On top of all that, the battery is suddenly pretty bad and I will have to replace it at a cost of about $160.00, AND I will have to wait about a month for the new battery.
I guess I can be glad all this is happening in the winter so that I don't lose precious cycling time ion the spring, summer, and fall....
I am surely getting interesting in a gas powered bike like Cruiser's!


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Dec 23, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
Re: Panasonic is disappointing me!

i would be disapointed to zingpast. if you like i could send you steel spokes just let me know. hope all is well otherwise. i am leaving for hawaii tonight so i am happy as can be(^)


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Jan 15, 2008
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Re: Panasonic is disappointing me!

I think electric is the wave of the future for mass consumption, but frankly I have yet to find a really good system. I know that is heresy but the truth is electric is quieter, cleaner, the maintenance should be less.

My electric systems is home made stuck on the back of a bike for under fifty dollars. Not counting batteries which are lead acid wet cells intended for a lawn tractor hauled around on a home made bike trailer. The hub kits look really good except that I just cant justify that kind of price when It is so easy to build a drive from a twenty five dollar scooter motor off ebay.

It's gasoline for me simply because of the range and the power for hill climbing. As a hybred system you cant beat the electic. I am told the hub drive is just as good as gasoline but the battery will always be the weak link in my opinion.

I can get about five miles from my batteries. I could get more with a more expensive high amperage battery though. The lawn and garden batteries is probably only 30ah and with two 250 watt motors drawing it doesn't take long to drain them. In my area it is about five miles. I have reconfigured the motors so I might be able to get a little more now. I'm going to have to try it out to see, but it won't be more than another couple of miles.
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