Paint prep for the Schwinn Cruiser


Sep 8, 2008
I got a wild hair tonight to repaint the rear fender on the Gru-Bee Schwinn. When I pulled it off, I was faced with a straight slotted screw facing the shaft hanger between 2 fork tubes and covered by the kickstand housing. Worse, it was a locknut I could barely get a socket on. Long story short, I had this HANGAR QUEEN I bought a long time ago because it looked handy but never found a use for it until now. It is a squeeze handle the socket plugs into and it rotates when you squeeze it. I was able to rotate the tire and force the socket against the nut and with a ratcheting offset screwdriver, was finally able to pull it off.(^) I then stripped most of the paint on the wire wheel, but there was still rusty areas and some reminants of paint. Went to the Scotch Brite burnishing belt I built recently, and it really did a first-class job and showed me small dents and creases I had missed with the body spoon and hammer. I wish I had gone ahead and built the English wheel awhile back. Keith(trackfodder)