OREGON Riders?

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    sorry if this post is in the wrong section, didn't know where else to put it.

    I live in eastern OR. I have helped a few others build some motorized bicycles after they have seen mine and became enthused about it. but then they just disappeared...? I would like to know if there are others in or around OR. for many reasons.
    but mostly I just can't establish CLEAR DEFINED LAWS no these bikes myself. It is impossible for one man to do alone.

    Not trying to change or challenge the law. well maybe a little. I honestly think it is retarded that i can ride a few miles north across a river and suddenly my bike is legal. but until i cross that river I am a criminal! an OUTLAW!
    I love to get my hands dirty fixing other bikes and sharing ideas. problem solving, fabricating, working hard to create pieces of mechanical "ART"! I really want to know what makes these things so illegal or such a danger to any community, other than what ORS statute 801.345 or 801.2blahblah says.

    I know I am not the only one in OR who is into this but I do know for a fact that at least one of the people I have helped to build a motor bike is now selling his because of police harassment.
    A beautiful 1964 katara rouge, what a waist.

    that embarrasses and shames me to no end!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not asking any one to put them self's in harms way. this is not a call for solders or any form of peaceful protest. what I intend is to do is take it to the capital ask for a clear definition of the law regarding MOTORIZED BICYCLES and plead for the right to at least be allowed to register it as what ever they want to call it, moped, motorcycle, whatever.
    what I am asking for is support from others in OR. or anywhere for that matter.
    I have no problems being the front man or face man for this. let me take the brunt of the consequences if it ends up being a hornets nest i stir.

    I hope I'm not alone in this but I feel something must change!

    it truly seems that many of the laws here are designed specifically to create revenue.
    example: it is not illegal to HITCH HIKE, but it is illegal to pick up a hitch hiker. think about that for a moment. why? would it be because the person hitchhiking is most likely broke yet the one with a car has the money for insurance, registration, license, and every thing else need to drive that car on public roads? or at least the car its self has value to the police department?

    I am sure every one in OR. has had a run in or two in their own town of the same issue. I could be (and am often) wrong. and I'm betting if you have you were most likely by your self when you did. what if you had a few other bikers with you? what then do you think would have happened? it would be something to see if we could all rally together for awareness in one location. these things are just too economical, environmentally friendly to be outlawed and dismissed so easily here or anywhere.

    I'm ranting, I apologize.

    every since I built my bike ( a rusted Diamondback frame I pulled from a friends yard to help them clean) I have been dreaming about cruising 99E and 99W and connecting roads between Portland and Eugene. and regardless if I meet any of you in person or not, with or without ya, some time this summer I intend on riding my bike to the coast to a secret beach I know to camp, fish, enjoy my home land, Regardless of these bogus laws.

    I also heard the rainbow gathering is in Montana this year and the location will be announced after the 9th of June. hope to see some of you there.


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