Opinions please....Yuba Mundo & Staton rack mount



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Jul 2, 2008
I've got a Staton Inc rack mount kit with the Honda gxh50/NuVinci hub on the way. I was oringinally going to install this on my Raleigh RetroGlide 7 cruiser, but I've come to learn that the Nuvinci hub and all its torque doesn't play nice with aluminum dropouts and frames. So....I came across the Yuba Mundo utility bike and thought it would be ideal to haul groceries, run errands, etc. It's built like a tank and can haul a LOT ! It may take some creative thinking to mount the motor etc, but what do ya think ??? Do you think this would be a doable bike ? Here is a link to see the bike Utility Bicycle, Cargo Bike, Work Bike: Sustainable Transportation with Bicycles - Carry Stuff by Bike Thanks