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    I am trying to have my motorized bike registered with the State of Ohio. I sent in the registration form and (believe it or not) they responded. They want some sort of proof that the motor is less than 50cc and 1 horsepower. Of course I have a 66cc mounted to this bike currently.

    Now I am looking for the elusive 48-49cc/1hp motor. does anyone have a line on this motor?

    I could also de-tune a 50cc/2 hp motor. does anyone know how to do this? I guess they would like proof of this de-tune.

    We are using the bikes to travel the island areas of Lake Erie. We are not trying to go fast at all. 10-15 mph would be fine especially since another Ohio requirement is "no speed in excess of 20mph".
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    You can probably find some small displacement four stroke Honda motors under one horse. The way you would restrict power in an engine would be restricting flow and decreasing compression. Small exhaust pipe, smaller carb, more head gaskets etc
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    probably best if you post in a couple places down in 'Motorized Bicycle Tavern" area here with "what is best way to ride in Ohio" or somesuch - must be someone here from that area

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