On a 4 stroke, do I really need pedals?


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Dec 29, 2008
I would think if the bike sees a lot of summertime, city traffic I''d keep the shroud and forced air cooling as these engines are often times run within an inch of their maximum duty cycle, especially if climbing a long hill with a tailwind. I like the look of shrouded aircooled engines, and the whir of the fan means you know the engine is being kept cool. Besides if you take the fan and shroud off you have to come up with some sort of way to prevent clothing and other hanging bits from entangling in the rotating flywheel. And the biggest issue: how will you easily pull start the engine?


Fan shroud and striped both, he builds a lot of bike and races also............Curt
May 22, 2020
Is it safe to buy 4 strokes from eBay? They are a little cheaper
I ended up buying both of mine on Ebay because of the price, about $170 each. They both have been working fine for me, the second one actually starts up on the second pull, idles well. Just look closely at the pictures so you know what you are getting. And avoid that smaller transmission i mentioned earlier.
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Jun 16, 2014
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Curt's shroudless advise is spot on.
The engine is not running stationary. Do motorcycles have blower fans?
My 1950 Harley and my 1979 R80/7 BMW don't have fans.
When the recoil start of my 79cc took a crap. I removed it. What to do with the plastic fan? Copper
chisel got rid of it in short order without damage to the cast iron fly wheel. The manufactures must expected the recoil start to fail. When the shroud is off there is a rope start
spindle. Before recoil start anything, You engaged a knotted end of a rope wound at least 4 revs. the balance terminated with a wooden toggle. Pull start
Disregard 30wt for 15-40 or 20-50 in warm weather. Standard motorcycle lube in warm weather
Pant clips will save you from the dreaded cuff wind.

My only drivetrain interference comes from my boot on left side bumping into the Bully Clutch.

When in doubt, ask Curt, he is one of the few who have been here from the beginning.
Ducati and Puch both had small motorcycles with forced air cooling and it didn't hurt their performance. I know you deal with mostly performance race oriented motored bicycles. But, this guy is running on the street and frankly why would want to strip off something that would improve the engine's longetivity? And... does he have the shop tools and experience to make it into a shroudless engine and make it look and work good?

I've owned dozens of small motorbikes in my long life and presently am restoring an old Ducati bevelhead 250. These little forced cooling engines come with just enough fins to shed heat well under forced air conditions. But, If you ever looked at normal aircooled motorcycle engines they have a lot of engine mass as cooling fins.

Carrying around a starter motor? Like a battery drill? what if it gets lost or malfunctions? Pull rope starters aren't that mechanically complex, they weigh much less, and they work.
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Jan 12, 2017
Much of my occasional riding is in the city, so I keep the shroud and fan. Routes with a lot of stop and go need that forced air cooling so the engine doesn't overheat while you sit there at a light. It is possible to go without a shroud if you're making long, continuous trips.

Sidewinder Jerry

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Dec 19, 2011
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If you have steep hills, you're a large person and 50cc or less you need a shift kit. Meaning you need pedals if you're using a derailleur system.