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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
When you are old you get hit with the double whammy. Nothing works quite as well as it used to and everything special is way way too expensive.

In my case my balance is bad. That happens to a lot of guys my age after strokes and things. In my case it's a little different but the result is the same I have a problem.

Also it is difficult throwing my legs over a 26" bike. Stiff joints don't you know.

Then there is the handle bars on anything but the old style cruisers. Knee banging is common for me.

Pedaling is difficult as well since the pedal rise too high unless I jack the seat up. If I jack the seat up the bike isn't as well balanced as it is when I sit lower.

So what's an old man to do.

Most of it can be solved with the purchase of two bikes. A 26" bike used of course. Then purchase 20" bike also used. My last one was a god awful pink color.

There are only two renovation I do since I only buy cruisers.

1. I switch the rear wheels making a twenty inch rear. The bike then is very easy to get on and off. The second change is to switch the crank set. I also use the small bike chain ring to make it easier to pedal from the stop signs. You have in effect moved to a lower gear. The pedal throw is shorter which is the main thing that bugs my old man knees.

This is in effect the real comfort bike. I just added a friction drive to two of these bikes one is electric and one is a weed whacker. The weed whacker I'm still learning about.

The only reason I mention this is someone asked about a comfort bike. For four bucks work of kids 20" bike you can make your bike very comfortable.

Don't go smaller then 20" cause the crank sets had different dimensions.

Oh yeah, I also switch the pedals on the 20" crank set back to the larger pedal set. Good luck hope this helps some.
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