Oh, way to go Ohio



Jul 8, 2008
Wayne National Forest
I was listening to Ohio Public Broadcasting last night....WOUB Athens, Ohio.

They had this bit on there about the increase the Ohio State Patrol is seeing in people on small motorcycles, moped's and motorized bicycles. They understand of course people are trying to get relief from the high gas prices by riding in the summer months.

The issue they are having is improper registration/license, lack of safety equipment on the vehicle (lights etc), safety equipment on the rider (helment), and personal operators liscense bearing the "M" (motorcycle certification test) on the back. It suggest they will be looking at motorcycle riders closer in the future.

So for those of us in Ahio, HEADS UP !!!! Make sure you're all legal before you go out. (I intend to have the Ohio BMV rules and reg's printed out to carry with me along with the spec's of my motor to prove it's less than 50cc and under 1 hp if a Trooper wants to argue with me or give me a ticket and let me prove myself innocent in court....and then get to pay $100+ bucks for court cost after the judge reduces or dismisses the officers fine)


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Jun 28, 2008
Holly Pond, AL
It is time to get the MAB myth/lore section going....

If an attorney is told that there was a case, in "some town you can't recall", where a MotorAssistedBicycle was pedaled (motor off) 10 times around a courthouse (it's on video), while a MoPed was unable to make it around a single circuit, proving once and for all they are not the same.

When an attorney has such a clear story in mind, (plus a little spice, like how you built it because you were temporarally disabled/not able to pedal your bike normally), said attorney would have THAT story in mind.

Keep it vague, but you can buffalo any court if you show a little spunk.
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